About The Miserablist

What is a Miserablist?

n. a person who appears to enjoy being depressed, esp a performer of or listener to gloomy music. - The Free Dictionary

One who has looked life directly in the face and lived. - The Urban Dictionary

In the era of aspirational quotes and constant demand for a positive outlook on life, we The Miserablists believe in the darker side of life.

It's ok to not feel amazing all the time. It's ok to loathe people and not smile all the time. It's ok not to believe that health, wealth and happiness in life, is just one inspirational Instagram post away.

Hailing from "up north" we appreciate that life is tough and too short for pleasantries. The quicker other people know that the less small talk you have to endure in your life.


Our Products

Our products are designed by us, for us. We draw inspiration from the setbacks of life and the cheese that drips off our social media feeds.

Our t-shirts are good quality unisex shirts, that range from small to very big.

Our products are manufactured in the US and in Europe and shipped directly from our manufacturer, in order to save time, reduce waste, and minimise warehousing. Please read full shipping info here.



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